4 Tips for Getting Dad a Meaningful Gift

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Digital Photo Frame–  Sometimes with brain change, less is more. Instead of a giant, antiquated photo book why not delight dad with a digital photo frame! You can load the frame with a variety of photos that will rotate, so he gets hundreds of photos in one frame. Your Dad will have great moments of joy seeing the faces he loves.


Their Favorite Snack– If you know your dad has a favorite food item that he’s unlikely to be served in his current setting, then make it for him. Bring him those brownies that he loves or even the family casserole recipe. Good food can provide memories of times he had that meal in the past. Just make sure your recipe doesn’t go against any of the dietary recommendations of his doctor.


Weighted Blanket– Dementia can cause anxiety. One solution known to help reduce stress is a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets have  calming effect and are very soothing and comfortable. Some state that it mimics the feel of a firm hug. There are several in home stores now. When choosing a blanket, the rule of thumb is the weight of the blanket should be around 10% of dad’s total body weight for maximum comfort.


Deliver Your Gift Early– Reminder that care communities may be requiring that items are put aside for 5 days prior to the resident being permitted to receive the item, so plan accordingly! Check with your specific community for exact details.


We hope you have a wonderful father’s day honoring your dad!