Determining the Right Time for Memory Care


When to ask for help

Deciding to transition your loved one to memory care assisted living may never feel like the “right” thing to do. Oftentimes, family members are so weighed down with feelings of guilt, conflict, and sadness, that the prospect of not being by their side every day can feel like a betrayal.

But here’s the thing: acknowledging your loved one needs more than you can comfortably give is not a failure.


Instead, it is the first step to challenging dementia’s hold on your life, and treating yourself, as well as your loved one, with the compassion you deserve.

Call to speak with one of our staff, or schedule a tour at our memory care center.

We’re here to lend a helping hand.

Because of dementia’s many symptoms and challenges, it takes a village to adequately care for someone suffering from this disease. That’s why we have a team of care partners, who devote themselves to taking care of your loved one, while helping them accomplish the tasks they may no longer be able to complete for themselves.


You may never feel completely certain that the right time has come to reach out for help. But asking yourself these questions may help you decide if it might be time to talk to someone:


“Is taking care of my loved one putting a strain on my life or the lives of my family?


“Could additional help improve the quality of life for my loved one?


If the answer to either of these questions is yes, please give us a call. We can help navigate this extremely difficult, emotional journey by offering you and your loved one the support they need.


Why memory care assisted living

Memory care facilities differ from regular assisted living centers in that they specifically are designed for, and cater to, those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. At Serene Suites, our entire mission revolves around minimizing the effects of dementia, and creating a peaceful safe haven for those who need it.


Here are some benefits that memory care senior living offers, that you won’t find at a typical assisted living facility:


At Serene Suites, your loved one will always have a friendly face to turn to in times of need. They receive 24/7 assistance from our care partners, while connecting with other residents over crafts, walks in the garden, music lessons, housekeeping tasks, dinner, and other communal activities.


Chances are, your home wasn’t designed for someone with dementia in mind.  Windows, doors, rugs, photography, plants and open yards are common in most homes, but for someone living with dementia it can lead to fall hazards, injury and increased confusion or aggression Our memory care assisted living facility has keycard controlled doors, cool-touch technology in the kitchen (to prevent burns), calming decor, and many other safety features that allow residents to securely explore and enjoy their surroundings.


We know how comforting routine can be to those suffering from dementia. At our senior living facility, we strictly adhere to the personalized schedule that will bring the most peace of mind and happiness to your loved one, so they can experience much-needed stability in their day to day.

Specialized care

By creating a deeply personalized, dynamic care plan that can be adjusted and fine-tuned according to your loved one’s stage of dementia and the kind of day they are having, we are able to anticipate and take care of their evolving needs. This means programs of care that nurture residents throughout their time with us in mind, body, and soul.


How to start a conversation

Talking to your loved one about transitioning to memory care assisted living can be a daunting prospect.


Here are some tips we have for opening up a healthy, productive discussion about this topic.

Once you’ve taken a look at their websites, and potentially called to answer any remaining questions, write down the top 5 memory care facilities you’d like to see in person. Also list your non-negotiables. This may include amenities you believe are essential for your loved one to have access to, experience of staff, and other factors.

This allows them to not only become more invested in this decision, but also get a feel for which facility they like best.
While touring, try to speak with as many people as possible to understand how the memory care center is run, what the driving values are behind their mission, and how they go the extra mile to take care of residents.

By understanding the timeline of dementia, you can be better informed as to when memory care assisted living may be a fit for your family.

If possible, speak with your loved one at the beginning stages of their illness, so they can be part of the decision as to when to transition to assisted living.

Is it possible that your loved one will listen to someone in the family over others? Choose one close friend or family member to tactfully bring up the issue in a gentle way, open-ended way, to gauge their reaction

In this discussion, focus on the benefits that memory care could offer, especially as it relates to 24/7 support, cognitive training activities, a community of residents that understand what they’re going through, and other factors that all make memory care a safe haven for those with dementia.

Sometimes anger arises during these discussions. Other times, the person suffering from dementia feels relief, happiness, and like a weight is being lifted. It’s difficult to predict, but be prepared for an adverse or positive reaction.

If your loved one reacts angrily, don’t worry. This is perfectly normal. Stay calm, take a break, and discuss it with them another time once they have had time to collect their thoughts.

If your loved one goes into denial, it may be useful to discuss options with a medical professional and other family members so they can see that their changes in behavior are systematic and not just noticed by one person.

Accessible, quality care at competitive pricing.

We make sure to strike the delicate balance between finding and hiring the most experienced medical professionals, offering state of the art facilities, and ensuring that our memory care center is accessible to those in need.


That’s why we’re proud to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the Cincinnati area.


To discuss details and get a more holistic picture of monthly expenditure for your loved one, please feel free to reach out.

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Settling in to your new home

The prospect of transitioning to memory care assisted living can seem daunting on the surface.


But we’re here to help you navigate these upcoming changes, and create an easy, stress-free move-in process.


Kind words from the families of our residents